Physical Fitness: The Hidden Path To Becoming A Better Executive

Physical Fitness: The Hidden Path To Becoming A Better Executive

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All too often, entrepreneurs put all their energy into their careers, leaving other important areas of their lives, like taking care of their bodies, bone-dry of attention. This often leads to health problems, burnout and a noticeable decline in leadership abilities. When our bodies aren’t functioning at their best, our minds don’t, either. And as executives, our minds are our most important professional tools.

I’ve found that investing more time into working out and moving my body has helped me become a better executive. With the greater energy and focus I’ve gained from improving my physical health, I’m more able to inject passion and creative problem solving into my everyday work life.

If you find yourself struggling with management tasks, lack of ideas, or simply not enough energy to bring your best self to work every day, try these strategies to inject more physical fitness into your weekly routine. The hours of “work” you sacrifice to take care of your body will pay back tenfold in greater abilities behind the executive desk.

Greater Energy Leads To More Positive Interactions

When I turned 40, I realized that many years of my life had been spent sitting, and there was no way of bringing them back. There I was, overweight, and I knew this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable in the long term.

I started working with a personal trainer. Yes, it was difficult at first. But as I made progress with my training, I found it easier to make conscious choices to move more during my day, like biking to meetings. I even started inviting clients and employees for mountain biking or long walking sessions instead of Zoom meetings.

My novel approach to meetings, plus my increased energy and attention during those meetings, helped me make stronger connections with both the people on my team and my clients. My day-to-day interactions became more productive as my energy level and mood improved, all because of my newfound level of physical health.

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