Masters of MasterClass - Learn from the best

Masters of MasterClass - Learn from the best
Alayna Tam - Unsplash

In December 2020, a group of highly-valuable colleagues have gifted me online subscription to MasterClass . Without having any idea about the content and the value I would extract from that, I was flattered to receive such a gift. After a couple of weeks of binge watching, I ended up gifting one year subscription to numerous colleagues / friends.

It is precisely 7 months, 12 masterclasses, 246 episodes and 3567 minutes ago :) I’d like to here provide you with a list of the MasterClasses that you must watch.

1) Art of Negotiation - Christopher Voss

Perfect storytelling and great tips... It will help you streamline your conversations and support you not only in business life but also personal life.

2) Business Strategy and Leadership - Bob Iger

I've previously read The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger. I think the title has it all, if you want to read a ride of a lifetime, how he climbed up the stairs, orchestrated difficult mergers with external and internal stakeholders, you definitely need to listen to this MasterClass.

3) Writing Thrillers - Dan Brown

Probably it will take long but I'm busy with a Science-Fiction Thriller hence wanted to listen from first hand, science behind writing. Dan Brown is the perfect source to listen this from and I was continuously jotting down notes as he spoke throughout the episodes.

4) Wilderness Survival - Jessie Krebs

Since young I've been a sailor and a sail racer myself. Took many courses and certificates and I was assuming that (of course you can never be totally ready but) I was ready to be out in the wilderness myself. This MasterClass taught me that I was totally wrong.

5) Sales and Persuasion - Daniel Pink

To be honest, this is the least fun one. Still, there are quite a lot of tips for especially people who needs to sell something - that makes all of us.

6) Space Exploration - Chris Hadfield

For the ordinary people, there are lots of unknowns about the space journey of the mankind. Chris explains in clear language the challenges and the achievements of us.

7) Science of Better Sleep - Matthew Walker

Lastly, I focus a lot on my sleep and how I recover (using Whoop - check it out here) and this book / MasterClass was the trigger behind. So easy, you just need to accept that you need quality sleep.

8) Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals - Joe Holder
Last but not least, Joe has changed my life as well. I've been a sportsman myself all my life but I've to admit except some periods, I was not systematic at all. Joe introduces basic principles in his MasterClass which will definitely leave at least a mark in your mind.

Happy to hear your thoughts and let me know if there is something I missed.